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Oleh: Java Explorer Holiday   31/03/2011
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Explore the Java Island with enjoying Mount Bromo Sunrise Tours from Surabaya or Bali, Ijen Crater Trekking and including visit Borobudur temple in Yogyakarta Central java.

Welcome To East Java (Selamat Datang di Jawa Timur)

This province officially includes the island of Madura off the north-west coast, with the total population of 29.3 million and an area of 47.920 sq km. The provincial capital, Surabaya is second in size, population and commerce only to Jakarta. It is also the most industrialized province in the nation with a strong economy based on agriculture, fisheries and oil. Javanese is the major community, and the rest are Maduranese who are mostly farmers and fishermen live in

East Java, and a small population of Hindu Tengerese in the Bromo area. Maduranese are best known for their rugged sport named Karapan Sapi, the famous bull races which take place on the island during August and September. In the northwest is lowland with deltas along the rivers Brantas and Bengawan Solo and a vast rice-growing plain, while the rest of East Java is mountainous and hilly including the huge Mt. Bromo Tengger massif and Java's highest mountain, Semeru with 3680 meter high creates natural beauty and amazing scenery. Then there is a host of other mountains, pleasant walks and fine hill towns like Malang and the Buluran National Park for its wildlife conservation, a perfect place to photograph wild ox, deer and birds in their natural habitat.


Welcome To Yogyakarta/Central Java (Selamat Datang di Yogyakarta)

Cover an area of 34,503 sq km Central Java inhabited by about 30 millions people. Central Java is one of important tourist destinations in Indonesia as it offers excellent value to the visitors. Although the capital of Central Java is Semarang, the cities of Yogya and Solo (formerly Surakarta) are the emotional and cultural centres, having both been capitals of Javanese kingdoms, and most of Central Java’s main attractions are in, or close to, these two cities include the magnificent Borobudur, the enormous Hindu temples complex of Prambanan, and the ancient sites of the oldest Hindu Temples on Dieng Plateau.

Yogyakarta widely known also as Yogya came into being in 1755 when a land dispute split the power of Mataram into the Sultanate of Yogyakarta and Surakarta. Price Mangkubumi built Kraton of Yogyakarta and created one of the most powerful Javanese states ever had. The Keraton is still the hub of Yogyakarta’s traditional life and cultural activities despite the advances of the 20th century. It still radiates the spirit of refinement which has been the hallmark of its art and people for centuries.

Surakarta or better known as Solo competes Yogyakarta as centre of Javanese cultures, attracting visitors with their culture activities include Batik making and Wayang performance, Sultan Palace dating back to 1757 housing collection of Mangkunegara VII, the ancient archaeological site of Sangiran and the mysterious Sukuh Temple. Visiting and exploring Central Java is like doing pilgrimage or a religious journey.

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