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Rattan Furniture dari Surya Abadi Furniture

Oleh: Surya Abadi Furniture  04/06/2011
Kata kunci: Furniture, Mebel, produk mebel dan layanannya, Perlengkapan rumah

Surya Abadi Furniture establish in 1992 at Trangsan Village, Gatak Sub district, Sukoharjo Regency Central Java Indonesia. The lacation about 50 km from Yogyakarta or 10 km from Solo. Rattan serving a lot of kind of furniture made from wood combinated with water hyacinth, banana, seagrass and rattan. Constitutes a new trend that has received various responses from both manufacture and the market. Applying these new materials in furniture product constitutes amont for some many factures, who belive in the bright marketing prospect of furniture using the new materials.Surya Abadi Furniture or Banana Furniture, hand-woven also from Water Hyacinth, Banana Leaf, Rattan Peel and Rattan furniture from Indonesia.This natural fiber hand woven furniture is hand crafted from the natural fibers of Sea-grass, Water Hyacinth, Banana Leaf and Rattan Peel. We feature Dining Room Chairs from Seagrass furniture with frames made from Mahogany or Teak we also feature living chairs from Water Hyacinth and sofas from Banana Leaf.

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