jual Total Station Nikon, total station nikon NPL 352

Oleh: KING SURVEY  13/02/2010
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Total Station Nikon, total station nikon NPL 352

The Pulse Laser Station NPL-302 Series offers three models the Nikon NPL-362, NPL-352, and NPL-332. The NPL-302 Series include excellent measurement performance and extreme long battery life. The instruments also include powerful onboard software that remains very easy-to-use and easy-to-learn. With the introduction of a graphical LCD display the menu selections and data entry has become even simpler, resulting in increased productivity in the field.

The Nikon Pulse Laser Stations are equipped with the unique coaxial focusing system reflectorless EDM. Otherwise inaccessible points can now be surveyed reliable and accurate due to Nikon' s unique reflectorless EDM technology. This system focuses the laser on the object that is to be measured. The focusing of the laser beam on the object assures greater accuracy, especially when the measurement beam is oblique to the target surface.

The focusing system also automatically reduces the risk of erroneous measurements caused by passing object such as e.g. cars, persons or the leaves of trees or bushes that interrupt the line of sight. Through this unique technology the NPL-302 Series pulse laser station offers superb reliability in reflectorless measurements. The size of the laser beam can be examined as the diameter of the laser beam is etched into the reticle.

Kata kunci: alat survey, Total Station