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Oleh: KING SURVEY  19/04/2010
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The Estwing Supreme 12oz Chisel Edge Rock Hammer ( E3-12PC) is a smaller, lighter version of the Estwing Supreme 20oz Chisel Edge Rock Hammer ( E3-20PC) . This rock hammer has a 12 oz head and a narrower and shorter handle. This is a great rock pick for the young geologist, those that prefer a lighter rock hammer, or those times when you want a smaller rock hammer. Lighter to pack or wear on longer hikes. The Estwing Supreme 12oz Chisel Edge Rock Hammer is the lightest weight rock hammer that we carry. Light weight hammer for delicate work or for kids. Choose a chisel edge rock hammer when you want to split layers of rock apart looking for fossils.
Head Width 6 inches
Overall Length 10 3/ 8 inches
Head Weight 12 ounces
Total Weight 1 pound 2 ounces

Kata kunci: alat survey