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Handy Talky / HT Motorola GP308

Handy Talky / HT Motorola GP308

Simple, affordable yet effective. This low-cost and reliable 16 channel GP308 radio is the perfect solution for entry level professionals with basic communications needs.
Frequency - 136 - 174MHz / 403 - 470MHz / 450 - 527MHz
Channels - 16
Dimension ( H X W X D) - 137 mm x 57.5 mm x 37.5 mm ( With Standard NiMH battery)

The wide frequency band available in this model allows users to select different frequencies indifferent environment. Thus saving you the cost and hassle of buying different frequency models.

Programmable Channel Spacing of 12.5 / 25Khz mode allows flexible and easy migration of channel spacing.

Repeater Talkaround gives users the freedom to communicate via a repeater for wide area coverage; or bypass a repeater and talk directly to another radio for easy unit-to-unit communication.

Switchable RF power level optimises coverage and conserves battery consumption

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