Electrical Engineering and Fabrication

Electrical Engineering and Fabrication dari PT Sinar Inti Electrindo Raya (SIER)

Oleh: PT Sinar Inti Electrindo Raya (SIER)  14/06/2010
Kata kunci: Panel Listrik, PLC, ATS

The  electrical  system  division of PT. Sinar Inti Electrindo Raya is  supported  by  highly trained   engineers   backed   by   accumulation  of  over  23  years  of  practical  experience  in  electrical systems design  and  field  installation.  Each  design is based on established   industrial  standards  and  practices,  which take  into consideration safety, ease of maintenance and apperance.

We also strive  to continuous improvement to satisfy our customers  better.   The  efforts  are  focused not only on improving  design and production processes, but also on acquiring  new  equipment  and  machinery  of advanced technology.   Improving  the quality of our products is our primary  objective.   We  relentlessly  try  to  find a better, faster  way  in  doing our everyday job which, in turn, will
benefit our customers.

Kata kunci: ATS, Automatic Main Failure, Automatic Transfer Switch, Automation Engineering, Autotransfer Motor Staters, Electrical Fabrication, Genset Synchronizer, Lighting Panel, Low Voltage Main Distributor Panel, Low Voltage Sub Dirstribution Panel, LVSDP, MCC, Medium Voltage Panel, Motor Control Center, MVP, Panel Listrik, PLC, Programmable Logic Control, Pump Control, Star Delta Motor Stater,

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