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Automation Engineering dari PT Sinar Inti Electrindo Raya (SIER)

Oleh: PT Sinar Inti Electrindo Raya (SIER)  14/06/2010
Kata kunci: PLC, Automation Engineering, Programmable Logic Control

With our experience and expertise, SIER Automation Engineering division is the right partner and your solution for Effective Plant Automation.

We provide these solutions by adding value to the leading manufacturers of Factory Automation (car manufacturing, Bottling system, Storage system, Assembly line system), Building Automation System (Traffic automation, Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning, Saving Energy or Energy Monitoring), Process Automation (Food and Beverage, Chemical and Petrochemical plants, Paper and Textile Plants, Mining/Metal Plants, Cement/Ceramic/Glass Plants, Water treatment plants, Material handling system), and Power Generation and Power Distribution (Power plants, Switch Gear). We provide solutions that work between the (very bottom of) the plant floor up to your ERP system. 

Kata kunci: Automation Engineering, PLC, Programmable Logic Control

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