Total Station Topcon GTS 102N

Total Station Topcon GTS 102N dari Plaza GPS

Oleh: Plaza GPS  21/11/2011
Kata kunci: Total Station

Deskripsi :

Expanded, Full Numeric Keypad
The GTS-100N Series is available in a 2" and 5" model. Booth support 30x magnification and can store up to 24,000 points in internal memory in addition to Topcons onboard software. 
The GTS-100N Series provides an expanded numeric keypad for simple, sure input od points and layout information including calculations. Backlit LCD and user definable display parameters also standart. 

Jobsite Tough

The GTS-100N provides Topcons exacting standards for accuracy and advanced technology in a light, compact package that built specifically for the rigors of an active jobsite. Water resistant and dustproof, its ready to work when you need it, not just when environmental conditions are right!

  • Ketelitian Sudut : 2”.
  • Ketelitian Jarak : ± (2mm+2ppmxD)
  • Pembesaran Lensa : 30x 
  • Ketelitian sudut : 1” /5”
  • Internal Memory : 24.000 Points
  • Display : Graphics LCD 160x64 dot, 2 sides
  • Jarak ukur 1 Prisma : 2.000 M
  • Jarak ukur 3 Prisma : 2.700 M

Kata kunci: Total Station