Leica GLB 30

Leica GLB 30 dari Plaza GPS

Oleh: Plaza GPS  21/11/2011
Kata kunci: Asesoris Alat Survey

Deskripsi :
  • The GLB30 is with 18g the world’s lightest laser visibility glasses
  • 3in 1: the GLB30 is the first set of glasses in the world that comes with lenses for laser visibility, safety and sun protection
  • All 3 lenses are scratch resistant
  • The safety glasses and sun glasses are non-fogging
  • A lacquer system features nanotechnology
  • The soft plastic ensures maximum comfort and excellent non-slip properties

Laser visibility glasses (red) 
Sun protection glasses 
Safety glasses (transparent) 
Microfibre bag (can also be used for cleaning)
Instructions for cleaning and using safety glasses

Kata kunci: Asesoris Alat Survey