Ike GPS Mobile GIS Solution

Ike GPS Mobile GIS Solution dari Plaza GPS

Oleh: Plaza GPS  18/11/2011
Kata kunci: Gps geodetik

Deskripsi :

This integration is unique in the mobile GIS industry and provides data capture AND measurement capability that cannot be achieved by other devices or a combination of other devices.

  • The target GPS position
  • The users local GPS position
  • The distance to the target via the laser rangefinder
  • The bearing and relative altitude of the object via a 3D compass
  • A high resolution photo of the target, with cross hairs embedded in the image to verify the exact point of measurement
  • A TrueSize image of the target that can be measured via on-board photogrammetry software. Use this image to accurately measure heights, widths, surface areas, volumes, attachment points and more
  • Multiple data file types that easily integrate into ESRI, Google Earth and any other GIS and backend systems

Kata kunci: Gps geodetik