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Specifications 1.RUIDE RTS822A TOTAL STATION 2.High reliability 3.Shipout in 2 working days RUIDE TOTAL STATION RTS822A 1. Remote Distance Measurement 2. Remote Elevation Measurement 3. Stake-Out 4. Reference Line and Arc 5. Multiple-Point Resection 6. Area( Plan) and Circumference Calculation 7. Road Design And Stake-Out 8. COGO Programme Model RTS-822 RTS-822A RTS-822L DISTANCE MEASURING Single Prism 2.0km 2.0km 5.0km Number display max: 99999999.999, min: 1mm Accuracy single prism: 2mm+ 2ppm Measuring time Fine: 2s, tracking: 1s Fine: 1s, tracking: 0.5s meteorologic correction input the parameter adjusted automaticall prism constant input the parameter adjusted automaticall ANGLE MEASUREMENT measuring method raster absolute encoding disk diameter 79mm Min. reading 1” / 5” optional accuracy 2” detection method horizontal: dual vertical: dual TELESCOPE image erect length 154mm effective aperture telescope: 45mm, distance meter: 50mm magnification 30X field of view 1° 30’ Distinguishability 3” min.focuing distance 1m AUTO VERTICAL COMPENSATOR System single axis liquid-electric Compensation dual axis liquid sensortronic Compensation range ± 3 accuracy 1” LEVEL SENSITIVITY plate vial 30” / 2mm Round vial 8’ / 2mm OPTICAL PLUMMET ( OPTIONAL - LASER PLUMMET) image erect magnification 3X Focusing range 0.5m ~  field of view 5° DISPLAY type dual sides , alphanumeric keyboard OTHERS power supply rechargeable Ni-H battery Continuous working hours 8 hours

Kata kunci: alat survey, Gps Garmin 78s, Total Station,

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GPSMAP 64s features a 2.6” sunlight-readable color screen and a high-sensitivity GPS and GLONASS receiver with a quad helix antenna for superior reception. GPSMAP 64s includes a 3-axis electronic compass with barometric altimeter, wireless connectivity and a 1-year BirdsEye Satellite Imagery subscription. Get Your Bearings GPSMAP 64s has a built-in 3-axis tilt-compensated electronic compass, which shows your heading even when you’re standing still, without holding it level. Its barometric al

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Deskripsi Produk Gps eTrex 30 salah satu GPS Garmin yang paling populer dan sangat diandalkan sebagai GPS genggam terbaik dan termurah dikelasnya. Antarmuka yang lebih mudah digunakan, geocaching dan kemampuan pemetaan yang fleksibel dan user-friendly, dengan tetap menjaga ketangguhan dan daya tahan. Layar terlihat jelas eTrex 30 memiliki 65 ribu warna dalam layarnya, walaupun terkena sinar matahari layar akan terbaca dengan jelas. Baterai tahan lama serta tahan air, eTrex 30 dibangun untuk


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The compact and handy entry-level model has many interesting functions and is still simple to use. Addition and subtraction, area and volume calculations for rapid and reliable site measurement. The last 10 results are stored. Leica DISTO™ D210 – leave the measuring tape behind. Power Range Technology™ IP54 dust and water splash protection Illuminated 3-line display Automatic multifunctional end-piece SPECIFICATIONS : Technical specifications: Typical measuring accuracy ± 1 mm Range up to 80 m M