Oleh: MULTRON INDOTECH CV  07/04/2011
Kata kunci: Timbangan Digital, kebutuhan industri, Timbangan

1.Quickly and safely determines the fat in foods, feeds, grains and seeds;
2.Extracts the semi-volatile organic compounds, pesticides, herbicides, etc. from soil;
3.Extracts oils from waste water or sludge; 
4.Extracts plasticizer from plastic, rosin from paper or paperboard, grease from leather, etc.; 
5.Digests, as pretreatment, the solid samples for the gas or liquid chromatography process

Multron Indotech CV
Jl. Mulia IV Blok M-X No.9
Cipondoh Makmur-Tangerang 15148
Telp.021-26327478 Fax.021-5544863

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