Oleh: MULTRON INDOTECH CV  28/04/2012
Kata kunci: Kebutuhan Laboratorium, Alat Uji Kualitas Air

This current neter portable device is a point-by-point measuring instrument for assessing the current speeds in running waters. The RHCM consists of a hydrometric vane at the lower end of a telescopic rod and a splash-proof hand terminal. The measuring head can be angled up to ±90°. The measuring values are displayed and stored on a hand terminal, and the stored values transferred to a PC by means of the software HydroLink® (included). At the PC the measuring files are stored in ANSI format and thus are accessible for evaluation and processing by current word processing, spread sheet and database software. Measuring range 0.10 ... 9.99 m/s Resolution 0.01 m/s Accuracy ± 5 % (0.10 ... 0.49 m/s) ± 1 % (0.50 ... 9.99 m/s) Memory: 4.000 measuring values Ambient temperature: 0 - 50°C Protection type Hand Terminal: IP 65 EC-Conformity (CE) EN 50081-1, EN 50082-1 Measuring cycle: 14 s Data conservation: 100 years Power supply: Internal: Battery 9 V (PP3) or External: 7...12 V, max. 12 mA Technical data: Ordering Information: PC System Minimum Requirements: Pentium PC 166 MHz,16 MB Ram 5 MB free space on hard disc drive 1 free serial port (COM-Port) VGA graphics 640 x 480 Pixel/16 Colours CD-Rom double speed Windows 95/98/NT Information Order ; 445 500 Rod Held Current Meter RHCM with telescopic rod 2 x 110 cm (220 cm) 445 505 Rod Held Current Meter RHCM with telescopic rod 3 x 100 cm (300 cm) 445 510 Rod Held Current Meter RHCM with telescopic rod 3 x 133 cm (399 cm) 445 515 Rod Held Current Meter RHCM with telescopic rod 3 x 150 cm (450 cm) Options: Stationary operation with direct connection to PC or data memory. Data Memory up to 1,000,000 measuring values. Telescopic Rod up to 4.5 metres length.

Kata kunci: Alat Uji Kualitas Air, Kebutuhan Laboratorium