Oleh: MULTRON INDOTECH CV  11/04/2012
Kata kunci: alat ukur, alat laboratorium, Kebutuhan Laboratorium

Automatic Colony Counters provide fast and accurate colony counting and calculation. Typical users can be found widely in laboratories engaged in food,drink and milk testing, drug production and testing and Public Health departments as well as environmental monitoring. It can be used for colony counting (spiral, pour and spread plates), inhibition zone measurement and antibiotic susceptibility testing,etc. The Counter with exclusive quality digital CCD camera ,is a high resolution automatic colony counting and zone sizing system, able to count extremely small colonies and measure zones with a very high degree of accuracy. This system offers incredibly accurate and repeatable results with superior performance for the most challenging of sample types and applications. Target colonies can be distinguished from media and impurity by media color,thickness,and colony size,color, prominence status,density and extension, by our powerful software. The counting result and analysis report as well as the plate image will be exported to the computer and saved. Key features: ■ The association of our high resolution,unrivalled definition and exclusive quality CCD camera and advanced software, delivers outstanding scientific performance. ■ Intuitive user interface to make it easy to use by anyone. ■ One button operation-quick analysis by just one click. Saving labour and time. ■ Excellent precision analysis results repeatably. ■ Perfect instrument structure and advanced electrocircuit design. ■ Single USB2.0 interface to PC. ■ Be widely used for colony counting(pour/spread/spiral plates or testing slip/membrane) and inhibition zone measurement.

Kata kunci: alat laboratorium, alat ukur, Kebutuhan Laboratorium