Jual Motorol CP1660 Harga Super murah hub.Uci 021: 92709380,

Jual Motorol CP1660 Harga Super murah hub.Uci 021: 92709380, dari MESUKO

Oleh: MESUKO  23/10/2011
Kata kunci: Elektronik, Servis dan persediaan peralatan elektronik, Jasa perbaikan peralatan elektronik


  • Built-in simple voice scrambling for increased privacy.....
  • Built-in DTMF signalling provides caller identification and private communication.
  • Full Keypad provides easy accessibility to change channels or place a selective call (DTMF signalling)
  • VOX ready for hands-free communication so users can focus on the job at hand...
  • The 99 channels allow users to organise their work teams into different talk groups, increasing the flexibility of the radios....,


  • Tighter specifications provide enhanced rejection of interference so you can get your message through clearly.
  • X-pand technology provides crisp, clear and strong audio quality in a noisy environment.
  • Li-Ion battery provides more than 11 hours of battery life at high power to meet the demands of your employee’s work shift.

Easy to Use

  • User programmable features allow customization of radio profile while on the go.
  • 5 progammable buttons enabling easy, one touch access for up to a 10 user-selectable features.
  • The light weight and compact design allows easy handling..

Kata kunci: Elektronik, Jasa perbaikan peralatan elektronik, Servis dan persediaan peralatan elektronik