Jual GPS Furuno GP32 Harga Super murah hub.Uci 021: 98986846,085781188068

Oleh: MESUKO  03/10/2011
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Marine GPS FURUNO GP-32 :,
Improved accuracy with built-in WAAS receiver
4.5 " Silver Bright LCD display
Multiple display modes to suit a variety of navigational requirements
Up to 999 waypoints, 50 routes and 1, 000 track points
One-touch waypoint entry
Customizable NavData screens
Track Back feature stores waypoints at user defined intervals for early trace-back cruise
Waypoint & Route upload/ download through RS-232C port
The GP-32 is an advanced GPS navigator with a WAAS receiver designed for coastal ships, fishing boats and pleasure craft. The powerful processor performs high-speed processing of position fixing and augmentation using WAAS correction. It comes with an easy to use track plotter which stores up to 1, 000 track points.
This compact and cost-effective unit offers extremely accurate position fixes. It is accurate to 10 meters, and with WAAS mode activated, it' s accurate to within 3 meters.
The Display modes include Plotter, Nav Data, Steering, Highway, Speedometer and two customizable mode. The Steering Display
provides an intuitive indication of course to steer and cross-track-error ( XTE) . The Highway mode is useful when you are heading for your fishing ground or following a series of waypoints along a planned route.
The user-friendly design permits easy and straightforward operation with minimum key strokes. The system has various alarm functions to warn of arrival to or departure from a predefined area ( arrival/ anchor watch) , XTE exceeding a preset limit, Alarm Clock and more.

Kata kunci: Elektronik, Servis dan persediaan peralatan elektronik