TAJIMA Marking Tool W/O Ink

TAJIMA Marking Tool W/O Ink dari Karya Nusatama Group

Oleh: Karya Nusatama Group  13/09/2012
Kata kunci: alat ukur, alat survey, Meteran

TAJIMA Marking Tool W/O Ink - Japan Plastic body with marking needle (for wood), use with Tajima ink for drawing a line and using it as a plumb line. Auto return. Packing: In a headed, printed box. Ink-Rite™ Unique ink-based snap-line marking tool makes a thin, precise easy-to-follow line Semi-permanent, scuff and smudge-resistant marking line won't wash away Auto rewinds up to 25 ft. Sure-grip elastomer-wrapped end hook also has an eyelet to attach to a nail or stud User-serviceable, with instructions and tool to facilitate snap-line replacement

Kata kunci: alat survey, alat ukur, Meteran, TEKNIK TOOLS