DIGITAL ALTIMETER BARIGO 44 dari Karya Nusatama Group

Oleh: Karya Nusatama Group  13/09/2012
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Specifications Pass ISO 9001 700 m (-2296 ft) to 9000 m (29,520 ft) 300 mbar/hPa to 1,100 mbar/hPa 16 cardinal points Description: The Barigo 44 Digital Weather Station Altimeter Pendant Watch is an extremely impressive multi-functional pendant watch packed with practical and useful information displays. The Barigo 44 has an integrated compass and with a full weather station, altimeter, barchart for pressure changes and weather forecast with symbols, as well as a watch with stopwatch function. Features: 360° compass with 16 cardinal points and declination adjustment Weather station with graphical symbols 9000 m (30,000 ft) altimeter with historical graphing Barometer with historical graphing Thermometer in °F or °C Time 12/24-hour and auto calendar 1/100th-sec chronograph with 100 memories 2 alarms plus hourly chime Electro-luminescent backlight 10 m (33 ft) water resistance User-change longlife lithium battery Reddot design award winner Case dimensions 60 x 75 mm Display diameter 35 mm Weight 45 g 1-year manufacturer's guarantee Specification: Altimeter -700 m (-2296 ft) to 9000 m (29,520 ft) Graphical expression of changes Units in feet or metres selectable 20 memories with date, time and altitude reading Barometer 1 mbar/hPa resolution 300 mbar/hPa to 1,100 mbar/hPa Graphical expression of changes provided 24 hours barometric data recall Sea-level and absolute pressure Weather forecast Temperature in °F or °C Compass Electronic 16 cardinal points Bearing in degrees Declination correction Time 2 time modes selectable Displays day or week, day, hours, minutes, second (year and month can be set) 12/24-hour format Auto-calendar to 2049 Chonograph 1/100th-sec resolution with working range up to 24 hours 100 memories for lap/split times stored in a max of 30 runs Alarm 2 daily alarms Hourly chime Further Features 3 seconds light-up electro-luminescent backlight Water resistance to 10 m (33 ft) Box Contents Metal storage box Full instructions

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