Oleh: PT. Indra Contractor Sentosa  22/10/2012
Kata kunci: Electrical Contractor, BOX PANEL LISTRIK, Trouble shooting

I. Manufacturing Electrical Switchboard : • Medium Voltage Switchboard 3 kV ~ 20 kV • Low Voltage Switchboards 380 V~500 V • Motor Control Center and Monitoring Desk Control • Auto Transfer Switch, Synchronizing Generator & Generator Control Panel • Capacitor Bank 380 V ~ 20 kV , Neutral Grounding Resistor • Low Voltage Transformers, Battery Chargers & UPS II. Installation work of the following system : • Electrical Power 380V ~ 20 kV, Ligthing, Control, Telecommunication, Grounding system and Lightning Protection. • Instrumentation Work ( Field Instrument and Control System ) • Mechanical Installation of piping Air Compressed, Cooling Tower, Diesel - Generator Set, Insullation Work Fire Protection & Hydrant System, Etc. • Design For General Electrical Systems For Factory and High Rise Building

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