Ozone Generator

Kata kunci: water treatment, Ozone Generator

Ozone is a very strong sterilizing agent. Ozone release nascent state oxygen when it decomposes, which can massively kill the organic and inorganic substance (inluding microbe) in the water depending on strong capability of oxygenation. liquor of ozone and water that is formed after ozone mix with water posseses strong sterilizing action, which can quickly and widely kill many kinds of microbe and pathogen.

As is well known, titaniu is one of the most expensive material of corrosion resistance; heat is easily emitted for titanium, performance of conductor electricity is better than other metal. all generators are completely equipped with necessary control and instrument, which easily control the flux and density of ozone according to the parameter selected. ozone equipment is the most ideal sterilizing system of pure water and mineral water

Kata kunci: Ozone Generator, water treatment