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Oleh: ERN Synergies Pte Ltd  21/12/2009
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We are Distributor and Stockist in Indonesia for Printing Consumable Products:

1. Sumitomo Printing Blanket

Sumitomo rubber Industries represent today the highest quality on the world market for the different applications.  The New generations sumitomo printing blankets meet the highest demands for both high speed sheet fed and Web offset up to the special types of UV Metal printing. This new types of Sumitomo printing blankets is able to give press operator what they need; high durability, improved productivity and excellent print quality.

S-PRIA Hyper Blue
SB 24
SB 651
SB 14

2. Blanket WashCloth Dupont Sontara

No matter how good your presses are, any print job can be ruined if the blanket/impression cylinders are not clean. That’s where Sontara® washcloth comes in. It’s a simple, proven solution that can cut waste, save time and raise the quality of your work. Here’s how:
Sontara® washcloth keeps your presses running effectively and effi ciently. It’s highly absorbent
and low linting, yet incredibly strong even when wet.Sontara® washcloth removes ink and solvents from blanket/impression cylinders quickly and completely, and will not distort or tear under tension.
Only spotless blanket/impression cylinders can deliver truly high quality print. Color corruption by small specs of dust, dirt and lint can ruin a whole print run. Sontara® washcloth can not only improve productivity, it can raise the quality of your work too.
SAVE TIME AND MONEY It’s the combination of all these qualities that makes
Sontara® washcloth such an attractive solution for anyone in the printing business. Less waste and high quality print translate into high productivity, and that can go straight to your bottom line.

3. Japan Aluminium Conventional & Thermal Plates

Our Offset Plates manufactured under japanesse technology and together with strict quality control procedures, thie ensures that stability and repeatable performace can be achieved easily.

Efficiency; Fast Imaging, Short Processing time and the elimination of perheating, this help to maximize the total output of the prepress imaging system

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