Jual Total Station SOKKIA SET 350X || Aditya ``CV. Gunapris Elcom ``085716241676

Jual Total Station SOKKIA SET 350X || Aditya ``CV. Gunapris Elcom ``085716241676 dari CV.GUNAPRIS ELCOM

Oleh: CV.GUNAPRIS ELCOM  06/07/2011
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CV. GUNAPRIS ELCOM Merupakan supplier TOTAL STATION Berbagai Tipe di Indonesiadengan cara reseller dan retailer. Kami Menjual : SOKKIA SET 350X


       SOKKIA SET 350X Spec :

Enhanced EDM Performance
The new total station series extendsmeasurement range to 4,000m (13,120ft.) with a single prism, and up to 5,000m(16,400ft.) with three prisms. This represents a 20 percent increase overprevious models while reducing the measurement time by 40 percent.

New Compensator, IACS and World-proven Encoder System
The unit's new dual-axis tilt sensor increases the compensation range to ±6'(±111mgon), facilitating instrument settings such as leveling and centering.

The 2" model is newly equipped with the Independent Angle CalibrationSystem (IACS) to further increase measurement stability. The IACS is commonlyused in the high-end models with 0.5"/1"/2" angle accuracies ofNET, SRX and SET X. Bakker said, "The extremely simplified angle encodersystem consists of a minimum number of optical and mechanical parts. Thissystem also features innovative technology to automatically detect and correctmisreading of encoder patterns."

Highest Protection against Dust and Water
The industry-leading IP66 protection keeps out powder dust, sand, mud, snow,dripping water or driving rain.

Other Features Include
* Class 1 safe laser output
* Built-in laser plummet option for quick instrument setting
* SD or SDHC card slot and USB flash memory slot are added
* Built-in Bluetooth® module option for wireless communication with a datacollector
* Password protection to prevent unauthorized use


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