International Freight Forwarders

International Freight Forwarders dari AMR Global Logistics

Oleh: AMR Global Logistics  03/10/2012
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1. AIR FRIEGHT FORWARDING We provide Integrated Airfreight Forwarding Service as one of our specialization. As a total logistics service provider we ensure the space allotment and destination for you around the world. We offer competitive rates and personalized service with shipment transparency for your satisfaction at highest level. Your business success is our ultimate goal. 2. OCEAN FREIGHT FORWARDING AMR Logistics specializes in providing expert International Ocean Freight Forwarding services, we offer all types of containerized shipping, from less than container loads to 20', 40' and refrigerated containers. 3. TRUCKING SERVICES Our all size trucks fleet and logistics professional offers full service solutions to meet all inland transportation & distribution. We have transformed our business that becomes an extension of your own. Our main concern is to maintain excellent transportation, on time scheduling, and a good working relationship with you. Whatever you need, we ensure fast, efficient and reliable service at substantial cost savings to you. 4. WAREHOUSE & DISTRIBUTION With our extensive domestic distribution networks, we always stand behind our work to get your goods delivered to distribution points in frequent basis. We manage incoming orders, pack and address your goods, create special offers for retailers, regulate returns, payment, and perform other related matters that are required. We always prioritize efficiency at all fronts in building your competitive edge. 5. RELOCATION We always ensure careful handling and delivery of your furniture and personal belongings using the safest quality packing materials available to prepare, transport and deliver it cross the corner of the earth. You can have total confidence in our secure packing and transport of your valuable possessions

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