Furniture Manufacturer : Outdoor Furniture, Patio Furniture, Wood, Rattan, Synthetic Peel

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We are  the world class Outdoor Furniture, Patio Furniture and Indoor furniture manufacturer, was established in 1988. Current address at Jl. Otonom no 46, Talagasari, Cikupa - Tangerang. Province Banten - Indonesia. 

In term of quality, we produce only high quality indoor and outdoor furniture;

* Aluminum frame combined with synthetic rattan wicker, which is currently our best selling product.

* Wrought Iron, and Galvanic Steel frame, we are leading in quality for these products in Indonesia

*Nnatural frame rattan with rattan wicker.

* : bed, bistro, table, dining, barstool, craft.


In addition, we also produce loom material for loom based furniture manufacturer and other accessories for indoor furniture as well as antique furniture reproduction. We constantly improve our production standard in order to fulfill our worldwide customers’ need. Our Research and Development department is playing a key role in generating high innovative design and using state-of-the art materials from different parts of the world.

The factory is situated in 3 acres and equipped with modern machineries and production facilities. The factory has 5 production departments which are Wooden, Aluminum, Rattan, Veneer and Loom.

Through its long history, our company has proven to be a world class furniture manufacturer. Currently we have 400 hundred fully dedicated employees and are able to increase our production force up to 1200 workers in order to catch up with season’s trend or high demand from our customers.

Ultimately, we believe that the most important asset of all is our human resources; our work force is categorized as skilled work force and has had working experiences with several internationally acknowledged designers. We are continuously working towards our goal to always provide the best quality furniture both indoor and outdoor which exceeding our customers expectations.

Additional Information, our total capacity production is 40 x 40 feet containers per month, with 10 containers of rattan furniture, 20 containers of aluminum furniture, 5 containers of wooden furniture and 5 containers of Loom Furniture.

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