PJU Tenaga Surya (PJU Solar Cell)

PJU Tenaga Surya (PJU Solar Cell) dari PT. Zanofa Energi Mandiri

Oleh: PT. Zanofa Energi Mandiri  25/06/2012
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We offer stand-alone (off-gird) LED solar street lighting project package design and execution with LED armature 59-63W dc. This package is suitable for remote urban and city roadway, highway, etc. ------ **One package price: negotiate. Minimum order: 10 packages. **One package consists of: - 1 set LED armature of 59-63W 24Vdc - Polycrystalline solar panel total capacity 240WP - AGM deep-cycle battery total capacity 240Ah - 1 set PWM dimmable solar charge controller 20A 24Vdc - Pole: octagonal, single arm, height 6-10m, galvanizing - Concrete foundation - Battery box IP-55 - Installation materials and accessories - Erection and commissioning and test ------- ***Technical term & condition: - Fair Reliability - 3 days of autonomy - Designed to operate 12 hours per day - Mode: 5 hours without dimming and 7 hours dimmed - Maintenance free for 3 - 4 years - System guarantee 2 years ------- Contact us at 021-99610656, 081282980776, Fax. 021-5374637 or email: [email protected] (preferred)

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