Kontraktor Listrik (Electrical Contractor)

Kontraktor Listrik (Electrical Contractor) dari PT. Zanofa Energi Mandiri

Oleh: PT. Zanofa Energi Mandiri  10/07/2011
Kata kunci: Jasa dan pemasok barang elektrik, Industri minyak, Kontraktor elektrik

We are a mechanical-electrical contractor who deal with government and private sector. Moreover, we are also supplier to support mechanical and electrical project execution. We will support your project with high quality materials and parts with moderate prices, and excellent services of course. Products and Services: LV equipment (panel and cable) MV equipment (cubicle, transformer, cable) Power generation (low and high speed diesel engine) Lighting system UPS and Voltage Stabilizer Special equipment for hazardous areas Pumping System (for fire pump, oil and water pump) Contact us at 021-5374637, 081298721120, Fax. 021-5374637 or email: [email protected]

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