Oleh: PT Sigma Fibrindo Utama  28/10/2009
Kata kunci: Konstruksi Bahan, Serat


Consist of Fibreglass Panel (FRP) which in the production of course has been using  cold Press Molding System (CPMS) is so that yielded  FRP panels are Rigid, strong and owning  a good dimention stability  with Double Smooth Surface.

SIGMA PANEL TANKS  has ben production in   many size , so that enable  you make dimention configuration  according to place condition, size and capacity which  you needs.

one of the excess to Fibreglas Reinforced Platics is rustless. The colour has been application  when the production of coure (not paint ).

So SIGMA PANEL TANKSdoes not needing replay painting  as  than often meet to steel tank,  even with Smooth Surface  sure will  easily in the clean.

SIGMA PANEL TANKS of excess : - very light, easy to assembling, Almost not need treatment and other excesses  that can  make you satisfied.

Kata kunci: Konstruksi Bahan, Serat