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Oleh: Reine HR Consulting  07/10/2014

Recruitment and Selection The executive search service covers: - Provide the most updated resumes of candidates that have passed our preliminary interview through telephone and or live interview. It is important for us to deliver the right candidates that would fit with client’s organization. - Facilitate assessment arrangement between client and talents. - Liaise client and talent to obtain all clarifications or negotiations related to selection and hiring process. Recruitment Service Guarantee For each recruitment request, Reine HR Consulting will be responsible to: - Submit minimum of 3 (three), or specified by both Parties, short listed of qualified talents available for client to be interviewed. - Provide reference/s for each qualified talents solicited from key sources, as requested by client to verified. - When the hired candidate is released by client, solely due to fault of the candidate during the first three months of employment, Reine HR Consulting will submit one substitute free of charge. This termination of employment process should respect the Indonesia Manpower Law (Undang-Undang Ketenagakerjaan Indonesia). Our Specialization We provide a comprehensive search and selection process offering both contingent and retained search services, our specialization are: - Oil & Gas - Minerals & Mining - Marine - Human Resources - Financial Services - Banking

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Graduate Development Program

Graduate Development Program services include: - Conduct campus recruitment and selection, administer in house training conducted by client technical expert