Low Cost Wireless Home Burglar Alarm Systems

Low Cost Wireless Home Burglar Alarm Systems dari VSTAR Security

Oleh: VSTAR Security  07/08/2010
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Name: Wireless Auto Dialer Alarm System
Model: T-6
Zones: 15 Wireless zones, 4 sensors for one zone
With Rechargeable Backup Battery

Main Features:

● Easy-to-use and cost-effective D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself ) wireless intruder alarm
system kit.   
● Supports up to 60 wireless sensors (15 wireless defense zones and 4 wireless
sensors per zone).
● Transmit at 430-433MHz frequency band, wireless transmitting distance up to 300 feet (Keychain remote, smoke sensor, & siren) and up to 450 feet (magnetic door/window sensor & PIR motion sensor)
● Can dial up to 5 phone numbers in sequence
● Arm/disarm the system by: Main Host (Keypad), Wireless Keypad, Keychain remotes, or even remotely by phone.   
● Available in both ACDC with low-voltage Indicators.   
● Programmable silent alarm or audible alarm.   
● Recordable alarm voice message (up to 9 seconds record time).   
● Telephone line disconnection alarm sound every 5 seconds.   
● Smart 3 defense lines configuration: 1st defense line is the perimeter, 2nd defense line for in-room, & 24-hour defense line).   
● Internal rechargeable backup battery in alarm host last up to 8 hours.   
● Battery (alkaline) included for keychain remotes, wireless door sensor, and wireless motion sensor last up to 2 years.   
● Remembers programming settings when power is disconnected.   
● Ademco CID compatible protocol

Technical Parameter:
Working voltage:100~240VAC
Operating power: 9-15VDC
Wireless Frequency:433MHZ
Static current: ≤ 80mA
Alarm current: ≤ 500mA
Operating environment: Temperature: -10℃-50℃; Humidity:<90%
Maximum available quantity of keychain remotes: 4 PCS
Maximum available quantity of wireless sensors: 60 PCS 

Standard Package includes:

One alarm host
One wireless wide-rang PIR detector
One wireless door magnet
One wireless siren
Two remote controllers
One power supply.

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