Repeater Penguat Sinyal Handphone Paling Canggih ST-9182B

Repeater Penguat Sinyal Handphone Paling Canggih ST-9182B dari Pusat sinyal Handphone

Oleh: Pusat sinyal Handphone  07/07/2011
Kata kunci: Penguat Signal, repeater gsm, penguat sinyal handphone


NameTri-Band mobile signal booster/repeater

Specifications900mhz/1800mhz/2100mhz signal booster/repeater

CategoryTri-Band signal booster/repeater


Product Notes

Product Feature:
*  Provide quick coverage solution for small signal weak &   block zones.reduce drop/off calls.
*  Compact size, low consuption, easy installation, great cover.
*  Cover about 200~3000 m² without block or obstruct.
*  Reduce cellphone transimt power and radiation, extend cellphone battery life.
*  High linear design, low interference to BTS.
*  Manual Gain Control function.
*  Triband in one repeater, effectively reduce the project cost.

Description :

Kata kunci: Penguat Signal, penguat sinyal handphone, repeater gsm, sinyal full