Oxygen Concentrator ( O2 Concentrator )

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 We use onsite oxygen concentrators, made by Medox Inc, USA, not high-pressure cylinders, so our products are completely safe and have been featured in public venues all over the world. O2 Express offers several options when it comes to the oxygen source for your oxygen Cafe; we have the perfect machine for you a quiet efficient model, but durable.


92%-94% pure oxygen controlled by LCD screen and Oxygen Sensor

Produces constant delivery pressure of oxygen from compressed air

Minimum of 3 liters per minute per customer of oxygen (the industry


Concentrates ambient air safely and conveniently; no tanks, no refills, no    

  storing oxygen, and no

  hazards. You never need to buy oxygen again.

• Oxygen flow rate can be adjusted

Provides reliable supply of oxygen

Power capabilities for all power configurations worldwide (220v, 110v,


Simple plug-in unit that can easily be added to your business, anywhere in

  the world

Compact & lightweight for maximum flexibility

Durable and rugged environmentally tolerant design

Requires no medical license to operate

Low operating costs

Certifications and Approvals- NRTL certified compliance to UL3101.1, CSA, CE

2 yr warranty

Kata kunci: Dehumidifier Indonesia, O2 Indonesia, Oxygen,

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