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O2 Express Oxygen Cafes offers several different equipment packages and can even tailor custom packages to accommodate every customer's individual need and business plan. O2 Express truly has a package option for everyone varying from equipment only packages to complete turnkey oxygen Cafe opportunities. All O2 Express, Inc. packages contain everything you need to begin a very profitable business: state-of-the-art equipment, innovative marketing materials, Cafe supplies, comprehensive warranties, outstanding customer service, and more.


Equipment Packages


These packages include your choice of our 2 models of Oxy/aroma Delivery Stations that can be put on your own counter area, build out or tables. You can start out as small as a 1-station package (accommodating one person), which is ideal for commercial or residential use or large as an 18-station package (accommodating 18 people at one time).


Portable Cafe and Equipment Packages


These packages include your choice of our 3 models of portable Cafes and your choice of our 2 models of Oxy/aroma delivery stations. All three Cafes can comfortably accommodate 4 people at a time.


Complete Turnkey Opportunity

O2 Express’s signature all-inclusive Complete Turnkey Packages are the best value and provide everything you need in one upfront price: all oxygen Cafe equipment, all the supplies you need to DOUBLE your investment, Cafestools, oxygen Cafe neon sign, digital time totalizers (anti-theft monitor), generous supply of our oxygen infused/related products (After Party, Rush, O2 Chill, O2 Body Mist, O2 Bath Salt, O2 Body Lotion and Massagers), complete marketing package and shipping to your door.*

All O2 Express Oxygen Cafes Equipment PackagesIncludes:

• Portable Oxygen Cafe (if needed)

• Oxy/Aroma Delivery Stations

• Oxygen Concentrators 92%-98% pure, 3L per person

• FDA approved Nose Hoses

• Oxygen Safe Oxy/Aromas

• Connection Kits

• Equipment Maintenance Guides

• Equipment Monthly Maintenance Schedule

• Equipment Instructional User’s Guide

• 2-year manufacturers warranty


PLUS… O2 Express Oxygen Cafes Also Provides with Each Package:


• 24/7 Live Customer Support for operational and technical assistance

• Oxygen Cafe Insurance Assistance

• Distributorship Opportunities- no inventory requirements and can use our drop

   ship program

• Documentation on compliancy with FDA guidelines

• Product disclaimer

• Anti-theft timer log

• Safety letter/Information (frequently requested by landlord/management)

• Revenue sharing contracts

• Sample contract templates

• Merchandising techniques to maximize sales

• Point of Purchase Information- Oxygen references, testimonials, frequently asked


• Customer Incentives- Member of our E-Newsletter for special pricing on supplies

   and product lin

 THERE’S MORE…each package also includes:


Marketing Package to Maximize Sales

Our complete line of innovative marketing materials helps tell your customers about the value of the O2 Express Oxygen Cafe oxygen session. We offer an array of full color posters, table tents, aroma menus, oxygen information cards, oxygen benefit cards, FAQ at an oxygen Cafe, a professionally produced demonstration DVD including video testimonials, gift cards, etc. These promotional items are included in all of our packages with no added expense and there are never any contracts to sign or licensing fees to pay when purchasing from O2 Express Oxygen Cafes.


FREE Sample Pack of O2 Infused/Related Product Line

Build higher revenue at your location and feel the oxygen difference with our exclusive line of oxygen infused/related products. O2 Express Oxygen product lines feature attractive package designs and printed information pieces including full color posters and table tents to assist with product promotion (see below for detailed product information).


O2 Express Oxygen Cafes offers much more than just oxygen Cafe equipment packages… we offer value.



Equipment Package Pricing

 Equipment Packages

Package pricing includes the O2 Express Aromasplash Delivery Station. Please contact us direct for pricing information for custom equipment packages or packages accommodating more than 12 people at one time.


1-2 Person Private Packages

Personal Oxygen Cafe         $2395  (1-2 Persons-equipment/supplies only, perfect for Residential Use)

1-Station Package              $2595 (1-2 Persons-Residential or Commercial Use)

2-Station Package              $3695 (2 Persons)


3-6 Person Packages                                        8-12 Person Packages

3-Station Package $4,190 (3-4 Persons)              8-Station Package $6,830 (8 Persons)

4-Station Package $4,890 (4 Persons)                 10-Station Package 7,860 (10 Persons)

5-Station Package $5,390 (5-6 Persons)              12-Station Package $8,890 (12 Persons)

6-Station Package $5,890 (6 Persons)


Portable Cafe and Equipment Packages

Package pricing includes the O2 Express Aromasplash Delivery Station and Café table. Please contact us direct for pricing information for more than 1 Cafe at a time.


Island             Mirage            Paradise

2-Station Portable Cafe       $6795           $7195           $7795

4-Station Portable Cafe       $9995           $10395          $10995


Complete Turnkey Opportunity

Package pricing includes the O2 Express Enterprise or Aromasplash Delivery Station. *Turn-Key Packages include shipping to anywhere in the continental United States (Shipping outside of continental US will require additional charge)


Turnkey Equipment and Cafe Opportunity

Island             Mirage            Paradise

2-Station Turnkey Package $6995   2-Station Turnkey Cafe       $10895          $11295          $11895

3-Station Turnkey Package $9795   4-Station Turnkey Cafe       $14995          $15395          $15995

4-Station Turnkey Package $10895

6-Station Turnkey Package $15495




PRIVATE PORTABLE Standard Inhalation Package $3895

Deluxe Facial & Inhalation Package $4395

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