Teak furniture for your home room

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With proud we introduced our experienced craftsmen of teak furniture which founded on 1st January 2000, specialize in designing home room furniture with various manner from the best quality of teak wood materials from Java, Indonesia. Shipped as unfinished home room furniture to their finishing workshop here in Bali, Indonesia, so you can see some of home room unfinished teak furniture on their art shop in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. With more than 10 workers in their teak furniture finishing workshop, trying to present larger variation of finished teak furniture for any home room, such as living room, kitchen room, dining room, garden or patio. Cybartshop have a good relationship with their founder so you can choose whatever kind of teak furniture here, include teak roots furniture, doing some customize with our products, or a products design on your mind. We’ve agree if someone says “home sweet home” our home like paradise, so design your own home interior with our sweet teak furniture products.


Kata kunci: Furniture, jati, mebel jati, Mebel kamar tidur, Perlengkapan rumah

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