Bali Indigenous Mountain Hiking ( 2 Days, Accommodation included )

Bali Indigenous Mountain Hiking ( 2 Days, Accommodation included ) dari Bali Indigenous Adventures

Oleh: Bali Indigenous Adventures  25/10/2011
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The hiking & camping ground we are heading is South West Part of Batukaru Mountain Slope, above Pujungan Village. This part of Bali’s dense rain forest and the surrounding traditional villages is full of agro farming historical culture, myths and rainforest wealth. Witness & enjoy tropical species or treasures that survive deep within the rainforest. Pray that you get the opportunity to encounter unique species, such as monkeys, deer, tropical birds, butterflies, wild frogs, grasshoppers, fireflies, Asian palm civet etc


DAY ONE.  Depart from hotel 7.45AM.  

Arriving at Pujungan village before lunch time. The area is coffee growing area. They produce the best Robusta Coffee and of course, they have Kopi Luwak / Civet Coffee which is believed to be the most expensive coffee in the world. After lunch, we visit Kopi Luwak processing house, a Civet Encounter and meet Wayan Dira, a farmer owner of the Coffee House. The journey then proceeds by visiting the roaring Blemantung Waterfall……before going back to the camp. Shower and dinner at the camp


Fresh air, a unique rural Bali breakfast, gets ready for the climbing time. High above Pujungan village, past the monumental Siva Statue……heading and climbing up toward Gunung Tengah (Mid Mountain). Pray that you get the opportunity to encounter unique species, such as monkeys, birds, butterflies, grasshoppers, and who knows Civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus), the Kopi Luwak producer?. This hike allows more quality time in the jungle that are visited. Great views of South West Bali valley. By midday, we expect to reach the top end of Gunung Tengah, our ultimate hiking destination. Lunch, coffee & refreshment are served. After lunch, we are continuing the journey heading back down to the camp with a lot of interesting plants & species along the way. We expect to be back to the camp at around 4PM.

Includes: Returned AC hotel transfers, English speaking guide, one night stay, lunch on day1 & day2, breakfast on day2, afternoon teas, drinks (non alcohol) & refreshment, all hiking, camping  & safety equipments.

 US$230/person. Min 2 Person

Customized Hiking  is available for Groups

This Wilderness Hiking is initiated, operated and own by Youth Group of Jungle Conservationist PUJUNGAN Village, Pupuan

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