Bali Cooking Class.Cooking School Balinese food

Oleh: adjani cooking class  01/06/2010
Kata kunci: traditional balinese cooking class

Bali cooking, school,bali food
Adjani bali cooking class
we are open on january 1997 until now we have 1899 student from any country
we are recommened from lonely planet book,1999,raugh guide book and sout easst asia
book 1988
only 2_3 hours student make 5balinese food,and spice garden before cooking class start
Cooking class program :
A.Balinese vegetarian program :
1.Balines cuccrry
2.Sambal goreng tempe
3.verkedel kentang
5.Black rice pudding

B.Balinese Non vegetarian program
1.Sate ayam
2.Sate lilit
3.Ikan pepes
5.Kolak pisang

Please choose the program, one class 5 dishes,Minimum 2student
we are start everyday, book and register one day before

Kata kunci: traditional balinese cooking class