China valve industry will usher development in the next five years

Oleh: Valmax Valve Co.,Ltd.  10/08/2013
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On February 13th afternoon 15 when -17, China Nanan forum was successfully held in Nanan Le Grand Large Hotel,, Taiwanese network, China valve transaction network, Nanan TV station broadcast live event site forum. The president of Nanan General Chamber of Commerce, deputy director of Nanan Municipal People's Congress, Ye Weixin, vice mayor of Nanan Huang Jingyang, chairman of the Fujian provincial sanitary plumbing valve industry association Wang Jianye, chairman of Nanan Haixi valve industry association Li Shengli, China bonasiwei valves Co. chairman Wang Dong Hui, Hefei City, Nanan chamber of Commerce President Hong Wenlong, Tianjin Winsun fluid control Limited by Share Ltd chairman Chen Yufeng, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology fluid the Control Research Institute president Hu Tao, and the 41 chamber of Commerce of Nanan valve sales representatives, attended the forum. The forum set up publishing, new technology new product release valve experts, as well as three part television dialogue. Release valve of new products and new technology, take the catwalk shows combined with new valves, and increase the dubbing explanation model released, rich connotation to the valve brilliant deduction. University of Shanghai for Science and Technology fluid control research institute, the national "1025" valve industry planning "Professor Hu Tao, published" theme report valve industry development and challenges "in the new economic situation, Professor Hu Tao analysis, after the 2013 NPC and CPPCC, China will enter a golden period for another ten years of development, from the industrial innovation drive to the people's livelihood infrastructure construction, is expected to will be the main theme of industrial economy, and national will drive in industrial innovation to hitherto unknown support and encouragement. Hu Tao said, the next five years, the valve industry entered a period of golden development hitherto unknown, suggests the valve industry to seize the opportunity, in technological innovation and brand innovation more efforts, to create a strong brand valves made in china. TV forum link, the organizing committee invited Ye Weixin, Wang Jianye, Li Shengli, Wang Donghui, Hong Wenlong, Chen Yufeng, Hu Jintao, the latest developments, the valve industry development trend of the future, and how the different Nanan chamber of Commerce and Nanan valve industry seamless docking, strong promotion Fujian valve brands conducted in-depth discussion and dialogue. The forum was held in Nanan city in second valve professional forum ", to the valve industry under the new economic situation and challenges" as the theme to carry on the thorough discussion, attracted the attention of industry and go to the country of Nanan who valve sales force. According to Nanan television survey, on the afternoon of the same day a live forum here, the ratings than the evening prime time. At the same time, interactive users and click on, Taiwanese network and success rate of more than 20000 per hour.

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