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Oleh: Payuk Bali Home Cooking Class  20/02/2012
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Valérie et Pascal , (France) From the first minute we spent with you Ketut , we have really enjoyed a charming expérience . We had a simple approach to the market , very unconventional for us as tourists , precisely because we were the only one. We received a warm and peaceful welcome at the door of your family house . What a good idea to train us to the art of flowers and offerings. We have appreciated the techniques of baking the coffee and boiling the coco for oil extraction. The préparation of the meals was a great moment, very specific techniques to the balinese cooking . Very délicate when heating the Fisher on the tiny braai. Finally we managed to do it, with your kind attention and support : we had a tasty meal in this enchanting environment . Finally it was much more than what we had expertes when booking the course. Many Many thanks to you and your team for this wonderful expérience.

Kata kunci: Asian cooking class, Bali kuliner, Balinese Cooking Class, Balinese cooking lesson, Ubud cooking class,

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