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Oleh: Payuk Bali Home Cooking Class  04/02/2012
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Payuk Bali Home Cooking Class is lies in the petanu river bank provides a soothing Resonance, Good atmosphere and hygiene whilst guests can enjoy a truly unique cooking class experience and fun Chef Ketut Budi with his education and Experiences as chef in the several hotels and got a knowledge About Balinese cuisine from his mother will teach you Cooking with use on local produce and Balinese Authentic flavor where the ingredient used for cooking so easy found at your country. It started with your chef will accompany you to the traditional market in the morning time Introducing you the wealth or tropical fruits, vegetables and spices that used to cooking later And Then guide you go to rice Field to know plant process of Bali rice as Balinese staple food. After that you will come to Balinese house compound that completed with spice plant and vegetables. By heart kind my family will teach you making Balinese offering ceremony. A great experience and good way to Learn and understand about Beautiful Balinese culture. You will learn really so much in so little time, the chef and helper very friendly and delightful with our Talent will assist you every step by step and make cooking is one of your favorite activities in home You'll learn how to prepare a complete menu of appetizer, a main course and dessert and Rest assured with our Recipe you will easily be able to duplicate your experience at home for your family and friends. All food will made by your hand self then you will savor the delight that you made for lunch or dinner in a dining room with wonderful view petanu river.

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