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Oleh: Payuk Bali Home Cooking Class  08/01/2012
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In this traditional Balinese cooking Class you will learn How to: Visit traditional market to see daily activity and selecting local fruits, vegetables and spices that used for cooking. Learn about the complex irrigation system, called subak that is used in the paddy fields. You will be welcomed into a traditional Bali Compound with a beautiful setting overlooking a deep ravine complete with Flower River. You will meet the family who will make you feel very welcome. Make Bali offering for the Gods .Kuwangen and canang sari which area beautiful array of color and nature. Make Traditional Bali Coffee, Grown on the premises from the raw beans roasted over an open fire to the crushing + straining and then enjoy the best cup of coffee you will ever have. Make coconut oil, the best for Balinese cooking. Make traditional Balinese spice paste used as a Base for many dishes –very fragrant and sensation For your taste Buds. You will learn so much for so little. The kitchen will is run by Master Chef Ketut Budi who has studied at Hotel and Tourism Education Bali and He has worked at several Hotels He overlooks many hands that will later to all your needs. No experience necessary.

Kata kunci: Bali adventure, Balinese adventure, Cooking class in Bali, Traditional cooking class, Ubud cooking class,

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