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Oleh: Water Treatment indonesia  07/03/2014
Kata kunci: Turnkey R.O System for Package Drinking Water Project

We Offer Fully Automatic Mineral Water / packaged drinking water turn key base project with mineral water bottling machine, mineral water jar washing filling capping machine, mineral water pouch packing machine, mineral water cup filling sealing machine etc.. We are one of the leading Manufacturers and suppliers of packaged drinking water plants. We offer our clients Packaged Drinking Water Plants that are used to purify drinking water. ( packaged drinking water plant, natural mineral water plant, mineral water plant, water plant, water bottling plant, fully automatic turnkey mineral water project, bottle packaging plant etc.) Also we offer fully automatic mineral water rinser filler capper machine , shrink sleeve applicator machine, fully automatic shrink wrapping machine, automatic pouch packing machine, mineral water 20 ltr jar washing filling capping machines We offer consultancy services for establishing turnkey mineral water project. We advice client on minute details involved in the designing, engineering and commissioning of the project. The source water is analyzed on certain parameters and according to the quality of water and level of contamination, we come up with the required treatment plant. Other than engineering and installation consultancy, our consultants also offer alternatives for cost cutting in the project. We are specialized in offering end to end solution for your mineral water treatment plant. Our Turnkey Mineral Water Project comprises: Detail Market survey report with current demand and supply of packaged drinking water Identifying a site to set up the mineral water project Water Testing & Analysis Report Trade mark Registration Engineering and commissioning of plant Operation and maintenance Procurement of machines Advantages Reliable and effective alternatives for cost cutting in the project Professional consultants with years of experience Customized solutions as per the requirement of client Entire consultancy is given taking into consideration the overall budget of the project Application Our mineral water treatment projects consultants offer consultancy to many food & beverage industries and water packaging industries.

Kata kunci: Turnkey R.O System for Package Drinking Water Project

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Reverse Osmosis (HBRO – SWRO) dari Water Treatment indonesia thumbnail

Reverse Osmosis (HBRO – SWRO)

water supply treatment, purification of tap water, seawater, brackish water, to produce ultra-pure water which is safe to drink.

BWT – Ozone Disinfectant System dari Water Treatment indonesia thumbnail

BWT – Ozone Disinfectant System

Best Water Technology (BWT) Ozone generator system solutions are indispensable. In an increasing number of cases, ozone is the preferred solution wherever a strong and environmentally sound disinfectant and oxidant is required.

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AQUAFINE Ultra Violet Technology (UV)

Ultraviolet system is a disinfection method that uses ultraviolet (UV) light at sufficiently short wavelength to kill microorganisms. It is used in a variety of applications, such as food, air and water purification.

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Multimedia Filters

water treatment plants includes sand filters, activated carbon filters, softeners, iron and manganese removal filter for wide range industry application.