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Oleh: Water Treatment indonesia  22/01/2013
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We offer a comprehensive range of water treatment plants includes sand filters, activated carbon filters, softeners, iron and manganese removal filter for wide range industry application. Sand filter, sand are used for water purification to remove the water contains sediment, manganese, rust, colloid material, mechanical impurities, suspended solids and other particles in the above 20UM of substances hazardous to health. Activated carbon filter, activated carbon is used to remove some organic and chemical impurities such as chlorine. Carbon also remove water coloration that caused by tannins, restore the water pure color. Water softener, cationic resin is used for water softening that functioned as a hardness removal that caused by calcium and magnesium. You will have scaling problem when those chemical are not removed. Iron and manganese filter, birm and manganese greensand are used to filter iron and mangan, high-contend of iron and mangan in the water, expose human into hazardous health risk if the water consumed.

Kata kunci: MULTIMEDIA FILTER, Penjernihan air, Peralatan air

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Turnkey Water. Bottling Solutions

With having an experienced team of project consultants, we are involved in offering consultancy services for juice & soft drink and turnkey mineral water plants.

Reverse Osmosis (HBRO – SWRO) dari Water Treatment indonesia thumbnail

Reverse Osmosis (HBRO – SWRO)

water supply treatment, purification of tap water, seawater, brackish water, to produce ultra-pure water which is safe to drink.

BWT – Ozone Disinfectant System dari Water Treatment indonesia thumbnail

BWT – Ozone Disinfectant System

Best Water Technology (BWT) Ozone generator system solutions are indispensable. In an increasing number of cases, ozone is the preferred solution wherever a strong and environmentally sound disinfectant and oxidant is required.

AQUAFINE Ultra Violet Technology (UV) dari Water Treatment indonesia thumbnail

AQUAFINE Ultra Violet Technology (UV)

Ultraviolet system is a disinfection method that uses ultraviolet (UV) light at sufficiently short wavelength to kill microorganisms. It is used in a variety of applications, such as food, air and water purification.