Sunnyboy™ thermosiphon solar water heater

Sunnyboy™ thermosiphon solar water heater dari SOLAR SYSTEM INDONESIA

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Sunnyboy™ Open system/thermosiphon solar water heater systems:

·       Thermosiphon solar water heater systems can operated completely automatic if connect with intelligent controller.

·       Simple structure, easy plug-in installation, can be installed both on flat and inclined roof, and can be used with an auxiliary electric booster as to provide tot water without sunshine.

·       Superior heat preservation ensured by one-off molding polyurethane foam

·       Suitable for residences.

·       Stable and reliable performance, well wind resistance.

·       Meet the mankind healthy bath standard: The material of inner tank is SUS304-2B stainless steel plate; the silica gel ring sealing has a long life against the erosion and it’s not harmful to health.

·       Capacity supply 200 ltr & 300 ltr

Kata kunci: distributor solar water heater, pemanas air matahari, solar water heater indonesia, sunnyboy solar water heater,