Ayung River Rafting

Ayung River Rafting dari Nyoman Arya

Oleh: Nyoman Arya  25/04/2015
Kata kunci: Bali Rafting, ayung river rafting, ayung rafting

Great adventurous white water rafting at Ayung River Bali. Ayung river flows in the east edge of Badung regency, and is also a border with Gianjar Regency, Bali at once. The upper course of this river is around Kintamani mountain, and empties into Padanggalak sea, Sanur. Ayung river is a long river, and has a huge rate of flow in Bali. River rafting is for the first time introduced by a foreign tourist because it is enjoyed very much. Get special deal with Bali Wonders Tours

Kata kunci: ayung rafting, ayung river rafting, Bali Rafting