We Sold All Kind Of Marine Products . Life , Cold Storage & Dried .

Oleh: Global Marine Products  10/06/2009
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We Sold All Kind Of Marine Products . Life , Cold Storage & Dried .All our products High Hygiene Environment & Quality.
About Us
Global Marine Products concentrates on international business. And more attention on Quality.We export to Asia Pacific .We have very strong flexibility, simultaneously the quite competitive advantage especially are organizing source of goods, quality control, transportation arrangement, and declaration commodity inspection etc. We supply a perfect service system that can assist our customers to save cost and to save time. Our company owned the perfect organization, senior leader and professional business working team, all staff always make great efforts. And we have a scientific management, according to the international trade business.

Please contact to our sales office at Jl. Raya Airport Tuban No 2 BC Tuban Kuta Bali Indonesia ( Language in Mandarin / Indonesia ). Or drop us an E-mail ( English ).

Phone Number : +62 361 8088 166.
Fax Number : + 62 361 765 284 .
Email Address : Globalmarineproducts@Gmail.com
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