Oleh: Diving Sea Safari  17/05/2010
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Labuan Bajo – Komodo – Labuan Bajo 7 Days/6 Nights Diving Liveaboard

Komodo National Park is an exiting and sometimes very challenging place to dive and liveaboard. Komodo island is one of most diverse and rich marine environments in the world, home to over 1,000 species of fish and 250 types of reef-building coral. The coral reefs in the north of the park are rich with colourful combinations of hard and soft corals. Be delighted by the ever present schools of Anthias, Wrasses, majestic angel fish, and larger predators - reef sharks and giant trevally.

Komodo offers a wide range of diving experiences: high-voltage current dives, gentle drift dives, cliff dives along walls of colour, dives around monumental boulders, caves dives and swim-throughs, colorful reefs, seamounts and pinnacles, and sand slope dives composed of both black and white sand. Also awaiting discovery during a Komodo dive are large pelagic fish, mantas, 18 species of cetaceans, whale sharks, dugongs, green and hawksbill turtles and much more.

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Kata kunci: diving, Komodo, Komodo Diving, komodo liveaboard, Liveaboard Indonesia