Oleh: Diving Sea Safari  17/05/2010
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3 Nights 4 Days Bali liveaboard

Bali's most famous dive site. One of most bali dive site is Tulamben. Tulambet have a comfortable under water scene. Tulamben is situated in the richest marine bio geographic zone in the world. Being on the north-east coast, the bay receives very plankton-rich waters from the major ocean current that moves from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean.

Tulamben contains a stunningly diverse underwater ecosystem.
Besides amazing coral growth this reef also features an unbelievable landscape sculpted by many overhanging rocks. The presence of smaller reef fish is abundant, with angel fish being the species worth mentioning. Besides emperor angel fish, yellow-faced angelfish and blue-banded angel fish can be found with the duke fish rounding out the selection as a member of the angel fish family. Quite often, huge schools of jack fish pass the wall, darkening the sun. Although it is a wall, this dive site is also suitable for snorkeling

Tulamben is a wonderful place to learn to dive and to learn about underwater life. There are occasional sightings of Mola-Mola (Sunfish), Manta Rays, Whale Shark, tuna and other pelagics but it is the permanent population of Tulamben that brings people here for the 1st and 100th time

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Kata kunci: bali diving, diving, Liveaboard Indonesia