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Bali Cycling is one of the activities for downhill cycling from Kintamani area surrounded by fresh air and very green scenic trough the village, temple, rice terrace in Bali and will be finish at Ubud area. On your tour we will watching the passing parade of rural life as we cycle , stopping along the way to chat with village woman and famers amid their daily work routine. and to laugh at the antics of the small children. who smile and wave and call hello. As traditional craftsman go about their daily routine, we stop to enjoy a privileged opportunity to watch them at their ancient craft. A special cycling tour full day of adventure in Bali. We would like to give a interesting experience , education , exercise and fun. To our guests will be visit a Balinese compound to see what the Balinese home looks like, and their daily life at the small village in the country side. Watching the woman prepared about their daily task of making beautiful offerings to the family temple. Around the village we also see the Balinese family temple are marvelous examples of religious architecture richly adorned with carvings and beautifully situated within their various landscapes. These was became a Traditional Balinese culture.

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