NEW Clarins Products for sale::

Oleh: Body Jewelry wholesaler  27/06/2010
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NEW Clarins Products for sale::

New Clarins Products for sale:

Joli Rouge

Rp. 50,000 / unit  (3 in sock available)

Mascara Wonder Longuer

Rp.  35,000 / unit  (3 in stock available)

Porte mine levtes

Rp.  25,000 /unit  (2 in stock available)

Teint compact:

Rp.  50,000 / unit  (2 in stock  available)

Smoothing Body Scrub New Skin with Bamboo Powders

Rp.50,000 / unit   (1 in stock available)

Lait Hydratant Corp Soyeaux Satin Smooth Body Lotion

Rp 50,000 / unit

(2 in stock  available)

Or you can buy the whole package of 13 Clarins products for Rp. 555,000

For further info please contact

[email protected]

SMS 62-818-0583565

***Products can be delivered everywhere in (with no additional cost) by mail.

Kata kunci: Body Jewelry

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