Mudflow a 'gross rights violation'

Oleh: Advies Vermogen  30/05/2008
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Mudflow a 'gross rights violation' Abdul Khalik , The Jakarta Post , Jakarta | Thu, 05/29/2008 10:35 AM | Headlines The unabated mudflow in the East Java regency of Sidoarjo is a gross human rights violation committed by the state, a commission has concluded. The National Commission on Human Rights said the state continued to neglect the rights of 12,000 families made landless and homeless, their children unable to continue their education, since the disaster began on May 29, 2006. "We have concluded, after a long investigation, that serious human rights violations have occurred against thousands of people for the last two years in the Lapindo mudflow," Kabul Supriadi, who headed the commission's investigation team for the mudflow, said Wednesday during a media conference held to mark the two-year anniversary of the disaster. In its report, the rights body accuses the state of intentionally allowing violations to occur for two years without taking meaningful action to solve the problems, and failing to restore the rights of victims to their homes and lands. The report notes that the government allowed Lapindo Brantas Inc., the mining company owned by the family of Coordinating Minister for the People's Welfare Aburizal Bakrie at the center of the mudflow disaster, to explore on the land while regulations rule the area is for farming. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono then issued a 2007 decree that robbed many victims of their right to proper compensation, according to the report. "There have been no serious efforts to stop the mud either, causing more toxic mud to flow," Kabul said. The rights body said the compensation scheme did not work because, while many victims had not received the initial 20 percent of compensation, the remaining 80 percent remained just a promise. It urged the government quickly to provide victims compensation and to acknowledge their rights. Social Affairs Minister Bachtiar Chamsyah, the deputy chairman of the government council handling the mudflow, said compensation for the victims would be paid in full by 2009. "We have asked PT Minarak Lapindo Jaya (a unit of Lapindo Brantas) to finish the compensation payments by 2009," he was quoted by Antara. Bachtiar said compensation would be disbursed to families that have submitted complete documents. A recent study by Durham University of the United Kingdom and the Bandung Institute of Technology found that the mud volcano that has been oozing sludge for two years was collapsing under its own weight, worsening the environmental disaster. Sudden collapses of up to three meters have been recorded at the center of the mudflow, AFP news agency reported, quoting the study. "Such sudden collapses could be the beginning of a caldera -- a large basin-shaped volcanic depression," the Bandung institute said in a statement, adding that the caldera could be as much as 146 meters deep. A coalition of non-governmental organizations and human rights groups have accused the government of protecting the interests of Lapindo Brantas at the expense of victims of the disaster. "After two years, little has been done and no one has been brought to justice despite the very clear criminal acts and victims," mudflow researcher Dina Savaluna said. The coalition called on the public to show their solidarity with mudflow victims by wearing white clothes and honking their car horns when passing by the State Palace and Bakrie Group buildings on Thursday.

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