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 The worldwide patented *E.F.* Lightning Terminal sealed and high voltage is the place where upward streamers are emitted.  During a lightning event, the strong ambient electric field causes the stripping of electrons from the lightning terminal to occur, and arcing follows.  The electric field strength increases as the cumulo-nimbus gets closer to the lightning terminal. The emission of 6x10 electrons/sec per microamp current during the approach of a downward leader, regulated by lightning itself.This unique feature gives the *E.F.* Lightning Terminal a time advantage in the competition to other sharp point within a pre-determined protective area. The protection radius of the *E.F.* Lightning Terminal increases during this event.  Area within the protection radius is safe from lightning strikes.  The *E.F.* Lightning Terminal is also designed to offset horizontal interferences due to ground protrusions.The protective radii of the *E.F.* Carrier System of Lightning Protection for various building heights are listed in the chapter " Lightning Protection for Buildings and Structures" of our brochure.When *E.F.* Lightning Terminal is erected at the highest point of a building structure, it emits an upward streamer faster than all other pointed objects on or around the building.  Not only is the chance of the occurrence of lateral lightning strikes reduced, this method of lightning protection is also much cheaper to install than the traditional Faraday Cage method.  Because the *E.F.* Carrier System of Lightning Protection is completely self-enclosed, the downconductor can be connected to the ground using the most direct route.  This unique design is highly cost effective in installation and maintenance. The environmental safe *E.F.* Lightning Terminal is made of non-radioactive material and does not require a battery source to function.  It is completely powered by the strong atmospheric electric field during a lightning storm approach.  Numerous job references also demonstrate the reliability of the product

Kata kunci: penangkal petir ef



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